Conflict prevention

Perfectly prepared.

We help to recognise potential conflicts in good time, thus avoiding nerve-shredding and costly legal proceedings in bad times.


In safe hands.

We regularly represent our clients in national and international arbitration proceedings and can draw on our wealth of experience as counsel and arbitrator.


No stone left unturned.

In complex court proceedings, it is important to secure our defences without losing sight of the end goal. This is our guiding principle as we represent our clients’ interests. No ifs, no buts.

Multi-party proceedings

Navigating safely.

Multi-party proceedings can be particularly complex. In addition to the various roles of the parties involved, there is often a huge variety of vested interests to consider. We provide our clients with strategic support, using our experience to navigate this complex situation.

Interim injunctions

Caution pays dividends.

Before it comes to asserting claims in court, NUEBER KONZETT helps to secure the assets in dispute on an interim basis. With a great deal of experience and strategic foresight. Making sure the legal action itself is not in vain.

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